Calibration Laboratory

Medidot Control & Automation’s advanced Calibration Laboratory has been accredited to ISO 17025 (the international standard for calibration laboratories) by the National Laboratories Accreditation Authority, which is the only national agency in Israel authorized by law to provide official certification for laboratories’ professional capabilities, thereby enabling the lab’s clients to have complete trust in the lab’s tests and calibrations. Moreover, the world’s major lab certifying bodies have organized under a global organization called ILAC (The International Organization for Accreditation Bodies) and all operate in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 as the baseline for certifying testing/calibration laboratories in their countries. This fact has formed the foundation for the development of an international mutual certification system among certification bodies which enables certified labs to obtain international certification, meaning that products and goods accompanied by tests and/or calibrations by a certified lab do not need to be tested again at target markets.

The lab performs calibration of temperature measuring and control instruments including temperature uniformity mapping of Sterilizers (Autoclaves), refrigerated transport vehicles, pressure, mass, weights and scales ranging from laboratory balances to large industrial weighing systems. In addition, the laboratory provides non-certified calibration services in other areas, including conductometers, refractometers (optical measurements) and instruments for performing electrochemical measurements. The laboratory operates as a stationary and mobile lab. PH calibration services are offered in the lab as well as on site for clients who are unable to dismantle the industrial equipment which requires testing. The fact that the lab is under very close supervision by official certifying bodies ensures that we maintain very high quality and validation levels.

Medidot Control & Automation’s highly experienced Validation Department engages in developing and performing validation protocols for a variety of instruments and applications including validations and systems specifications for autoclaves, refrigerators, freezers and incubators, as well as for warehouses, cold rooms, temperature controlled transport trucks and more.

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